What is PUBG? (Player Unknowns Battlegrounds)

The full name of PUBG (PUBG) is Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. Player Unknown is a gamer and game developer who has developed PUBG and BattleGrounds is a game type however, the developer of this game is popular in the gaming world as Player Unknown.
PubG is a battle royale game in which multiple people are landed on a small island at once. Depending on the mode in which the player is playing, depending on the size of the island, the number of players and the weapon.

In the PUBG game you can play alone or with your friends. You can also play by making a team of two (duo) or four (squad) friends.

What is pubg and its Guns stats
What is pubg and its Guns stats

What is a Battle royale Game?

Battle royale game is a very old video game type in which many players play simultaneously on a small map. In a Battleroyale game, each player or his team has to kill the remaining players to win.

The player who is not killed by the end of the game is the winner of this game.

The first Battleroyale game in the world was made in 2012, called minecraft. Today the game is available on the Microsoft Store.

since the launch of the PUBG game in 2014, the Battleroyale game started becoming famous. Today, there are many Battleroyal games for every platform in the market.

Now take a look at the Pubg ( Gun Stats )

What is pubg and its Guns stats

PUBG Assault Rifle (AR) Stats in Battlegrounds

(AR)AmmoMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload
Aug A35.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4311.63.67s
G36C5.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4311.63.8s
M4165.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4311.62.73s
M16A45.5630 (Ext: 40)43/30/26/19/19100/71/61/46102.86s
QBZ955.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4310.93.66s
SCAR-L5.5630 (Ext: 40)41/29/25/18/1896/67/58/4310.42.86s
AKM7.6230 (Ext: 40)47/33/28/21/21100/77/66/50103.22s
Beryl M7627.6230 (Ext: 40)46/32/28/21/21100/76/65/4911.62.9s
Groza7.6230 (Ext: 40)47/33/28/21/21100/77/66/5012.53s
MK47 Mutant7.6220 (Ext: 30)49/34/29/22/22100/81/69/52103.37s

The Groza is your best option in terms of AR, after all since it’s only accessible by way of crates it is not simply accessible. The M762 can also be fairly highly effective, offering you possibly can management the recoil.

Snipers – PUBG guns & weapon stats

 SnipersAmmoMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload
M247.625 (Ext: 7)100/79/68/51/36100/100/100/840.564.2s
AWM0.3005 (Ext: 7)100/100/95/71/50100/100/100/1000.544.6s

The AWM is the most effective sniper gun on the sport, however, once more it’s only accessible by way of crates so getting your arms on one can get tough.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) – PUBG guns & weapon stats

 DMRAmMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload
VSS9mm10 (Ext: 20)43/30/26/19/1996/67/58/4311.62.9s
Mini-145.5620 (Ext: 30)48/34/29/22/22100/76/65/49103.6s
QBU5.5610 (Ext: 20)50/35/30/23/23100/79/68/51103s
MK14 EB7.6210 (Ext: 20)64/45/38/29/29100/100/86/6511.13.68s
SLR7.6210 (Ext: 20)61/43/37/27/28100/95/82/61103.68s
SKS7.6210 (Ext: 20)56/39/33/25/25100/87/75/56102.9s

DMRs aren’t the most well-liked selection, but when you will get used to them, they are often fairly lethal when looking enemies.

Submachine Guns (SMGs)PUBG guns & weapon stats

 SMGAmmoMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload
Micro Uzi9mm25 (Ext: 35)27/19/16/12/1747/33/28/2120.83.1s
MP5K9mm30 (Ext: 40)35/24/21/16/2159/42/36/27152.2s
Vector9mm19 (Ext: 33)33/23/20/15/2056/39/33/25182.2s
Tommy Gun0.4530 (Ext: 50)42/29/25/19/2672/50/43/3211.63.45s
UMP450.4525 (Ext: 35)41/29/25/18/2570/49/42/3210.93.1s

The Bizon and Tommy Gun (Thompson) are nice choices as they provide a protracted clip when you hook up an prolonged magazine.

ShotgunsPUBG guns & weapon stats

 ShotGunsAmmoMag SizePelletsBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload
DBS Shotgun12G14926/18/16/12/1231/22/19/1426s
S12K12G5 (Ext: 8)922/15/13/10/1129/25/22/1643s

Shotguns are at all times spectacular when you’re in close fight as a single shot can knock down enemies to their toes.

Pistols – PUBG guns & Weapon stats

Pistols AmmoMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload
Deagle0.457 (Ext: 10)62/43/37/28/31100/87/74/5642s
P19110.457 (Ext: 12)41/29/25/18/2182/57/49/3792.1s
P18C9mm17 (Ext: 25)23/16/14/10/1246/32/28/2116.72s
P929mm15 (Ext: 20)35/25/21/16/1870/49/42/327.42s
Skorpion9mm20 (Ext: 40)22/15/13/10/1144/31/26/2014.33.08s

LMGs (Light Machine Guns ) – PUBG guns & Weapon stats

 LMGAmmoMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload

The DP28 is an extremely underrated weapon one PUBG Mobile. It is a private favourite because it nice for close-range fights and really secure for long-range photographs as effectively.

Miscellaneous weapons – PUBG guns & weapon stats

 AmmoMag SizeBody DMGHead DMGFire RateReload


Death by crossbow is responsible for a great many rage-quits, I’m sure, but that alone won’t save it from being a ludicrously impractical weapon used only when nothing else is available.

Tell us what’s your favourite gun on PUBG Mobile.



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