Today, we’re breaking down Top 5 Free Video Editing Software | NO Watermark | 2020 here. we’re jumping into an extremely big topic on my blog which is the free video editing software topic.

So many people are getting involved in video editing so many people don’t want to pay crazy amounts of money to get you to know top-of-the-range video editor like Premiere Pro something like that.

What softwares are we Including?

we are actually gonna talk about VSDC, Lightworks hit film, shot cut and blender so 5 different programs 5 kinds of different operating systems they work for a different kind of you know aspects of video production.

that gonna start with the first one and with the last one and then tell you at the end you know which one I think is overall the best for different people in different situations like

You know depending on the power of your computer what operating system you’re on etc without further do let’s do it.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software List with no Watermark

1. VSDC Video Editor

So our 1st one is VSDC Video Editor is actually only available for Windows I believe which is kind of annoying but at the end of the day it is you know it’s just tailored towards Windows pretty much.

Vsdc Top 5 Free Video Editing Software
Pic credit – Google

About VSDC

Now it’s amazing for YouTubers but by all means, it has a bunch of kinds of features in there that are I guess really supportive of YouTubers.

I talked about down below as well so if you do pick one like if we just picked VSDC even though it’s the first one I know I’d wait to hear what I have to say about the other ones.

Paid and Free Versions Available

There’s also a paid version but the free version entirely operates able and you know very easy to use believe me.

It is super easy to kind of get transition into the layout and then understand it how it works.

2. Light Works

2nd is light works phenomenal free video editor a lot of people out there have you know highly endorsed it for quite some time.

Light works Top 5 Free Video Editing Software
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Better than VSDC?

They’re definitely not looking like they’re gonna You know phase-out of the free phase and it’s actually kind of better than VSDC see in the fact that it supports everybody so it supports Windows Mac and Linux.

So whatever operating system you’re on you can get light works and it’s super easy again it’s it’s kind of one of those ones that would be a good transition from Windows Live Movie Maker

It’s not kind of overwhelming when you look at the layout and you could get pretty transitioned relatively quickly I think.

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3. Hitfilm

3rd One is going to be hitfilm express there’s a paid version to hit film called hitfilm and then the free version is hitfilm express so get hitfilm express some people get a little confused there.

hitfilm Vsdc Top 5 Free Video Editing Software
Pic credit – Google

Free and paid versions Both available

hitfilm do kind of try add you towards buying the full version but yeah as a free version it is probably the most powerful free video editing software on the market for real. that’s why we add it into our (Top 5 Free Video Editing Software | NO Watermark | 2020) list.

it has just so many advanced features you know I know so many people who have been using hit film for years and years and years.

Hitfilm the best?

They vouch for it so heavily that they’re not even gonna switch over to premiere which is sort of the natural progression of a video editor they start on.

You know Windows Live Movie Maker say like no I’m not going to premiere I could do everything I need to do in hitfilm and yeah I know some phenomenal editors solely choosing hitfilm so it’s in my opinion.

The most advanced of all of the kind of free editors but like I said there’s a paid version as well which is hitfilm and the free versions hitfilm express and it’s also available for both Mac and Windows.

definitely Mac and Windows which are of course the kind of chief operating systems most people will be coming into the game on.

4. Shotcut

4th one is shotcut available for all operating systems which is why it’s so kind of commonly used to buy kind of the masses because not only is it available for all operating systems.

Shotcut Top 5 Free Video Editing Software
Pic credit – Google

But I think it runs the smoothest on any computer out of any of the video editors that I got on this list right so if you’re using only a you know laptop that’s kind of a few years old only about 4 GB of RAM on.

Shotcut the lightest video editing Software

there or something like that shot cuts probably your best bet because it’s just such an easy editor to use and you know it doesn’t require much power which is kind of the main aspect which makes it appropriate for a lot of people or kind of the average person

I guess not in all cases though and if you’ve got you know higher power computer you should probably go over something around like hitfilm or something like that

But available for all OS it is a hands-down good software I’d recommend it shot cut and of course.

5. Blender

5th One is blender now blender more traditionally I guess you could say is an animating software that’s what I kind of found out about it.

Blender Top 5 Free Video Editing Software
Pic credit – Google

it’s kind of a similar program to cinema 4d and blender you can do a bunch of a what’s called motion tracking stuff if you’re doing some cool 3d motion tracking.

but it’s a fully functional video editor as well standalone video editor and you can do a bunch in there super simple it’s been around for a long time the company definitely believes in giving a free asset to the people so that they can benefit from it in.

Better For animation?

You know animation ways and editing ways in all sorts of ways and one-hundred-percent blender is cool I don’t have that much experience with it but like I said I have known about it for years now

it’s always been free the company is very you know their mission is definitely to provide a free utility to the people that they can benefit from for animation and for video editing very cool those right there.

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software | NO Watermark | 2020 there are a couple of others that probably says another.


if you’re using a high spec computer I would suggest that on a high spec computer you get hitfilm

Which is The Best free video editing software?

hitfilm express is the most advanced on this list definitely and you can do the most so if you’ve got a high spec computer to grab it for low spec systems for slow systems especially for laptops.

Best For the low specs pc

If you don’t have over 4 GB of RAM and you know if you don’t have 4gb of RAM running some of these programs might be a little bit tough but they can all still survive it for sure.

For the slower systems I get shot cut or maybe light works as well or VSDC but yeah a few ones you can get for the slower systems but for the advanced one hitfilm would be my choice.


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