Sony official announcement

Sony announced the official launch of its Next Generation Gaming Console in October last year. Sony’s new gaming console will be named PlayStation 5 (PS5). Apart from this, the company has recently applied for a patent for a new PlayStation Controller in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This time two new buttons have also been added to the latest controller design.

Latest report

Now according to the latest report, this upcoming PS5 console from Sony will come with SSD technology. According to the developer of the Godfall game, the experience of the game will be quite good due to the SSD drive included in the PlayStation. Let us know that the Godfall game will be the first game of Sony Playstation 5.

sony ps5

Not only Sony, but Microsoft is also preparing to launch its latest Xbox console. Both companies are working on their own plans to deliver SSDs to their consoles, but according to a report from the SomagNews website, game developers say that these consoles have NMVe SSD technology, which gives a strong performance in these next-generation consoles. And because of this, the game will take a few seconds to install.

Godfall will be the First Game of ps5


The developers of Godfall say that this SSD helps in providing great details in the game and because of this the game loads fast. Both companies may be offering SSD technology in their consoles, but the report states that the PS5 console can be one step ahead of the Xbox One Series X. The reason behind this will be Sony’s ReRAM technology. This technology requires less power than DRAM. Sony will use a little ReRAM in its new PS5, which will increase the SSD speed. This will also benefit game developers and with the help of the software, you can make the game fast.

When ps5 Will launch ?

Sony is planning for a PlayStation event for next Wednesday, June 3 And the main thing is Sony PlayStation is coming this year in October 2020 further details they will talk about in their event.


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