Main Specification Of POCO M2 Pro Gaming Phone

In this POCO M2 Pro Review, you’re gonna get a gaming performance test on the POCO m2 Pro so for pre-emptive Pro is the latest offering so we have the POCO m2 Pro blue variant these are 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

This is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core processor so we’ll just go to the about full you can see that Android 10 versions me why 11 and we have the Poco M2 Pro and this is, in fact, this is a 6GB RAM and 64-gigabyte internal storage and this device has the latest version of mi UI also mi UI 11 right now

Let’s see the gaming type


Just like the redmi note 9 pros, you can play PUBG on HD and high graphic settings. the gameplay will lag a lot on this phone
however, if you play this on a smooth and ultra settings new gameplay will run very smoothly and you can see the difference here.

POCO M2 gaming review and Camera specs
POCO M2 gaming performance

In Poco M2 Pro you are getting Snapdragon 720G which is a good thing at this price point.

getting the fastest storage us 2.1 using 6 GB of DDR4X RAM storage Ram and processor all three are good in this phone.

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Poco M2 UI

In terms of UI, you are getting a cleaner version of MIUI on Poco phones in the Poco M2 same case is there.

Same the user interface is very smooth and responsive that app drawer opens up very fast however it could have been smoother and that as response also could have been smoother if this were to come at the 90-hertz display which is not the case here but if you go into the settings and check the version of MIUI.

POCO M2 Global Version

About one more thing that was given in the form of a new option which is you can change the app vault so used in Redmi phones for Poco phones by default when you go to the left from the home screen you get this app vault.


let’s talk about the temperature of so you are getting a 48 MP primary camera 8mp wide-angle camera 5mp macro and 2MP depth sensor on the front.

you’re getting a single 16mp shooter the camera the interface is like this it is exactly the same
as the redmi note 9 Pro,

Poco M2 Camera
POCO M2 Camera

You can easily access the 48-megapixel mod you can go up to 2x zoom or in wide-angle you can take the pictures on the top, you’re getting a Pro colour mode in which you can enhance the colours better.

You can also enable and disable the HDR mode to go to the macro mode you have to click and select macro mode and you can select the macro mode the photo photos clarity has come out very good.

Poco m2 Selfie camera

The front selfie camera is the indoor selfie which has come out great however the skin tone is not even Somewhere it is yellowish and somewhere it is whitish. Selfies look good, the clarity is good.

POCO M2 Pro Review Outdoor and Indoor quality

The outdoor quality you are getting a good quality selfie the clarity on the hair is also very good so I like the selfie camera of this phone macro photos have come out very good.

In this case, you’re getting a 5MP macro camera sensor which is an autofocus sensor which takes good quality micro photos
this is one more indoor picture so overall.

I liked the camera.

POCO M2 Pro is Far Better than Redmi Note 9 pro

There is nothing extraordinary here colour for uneven sometimes and you don’t get the exact colours often you get a good amount of details on the shots that are the front camera shots or rear camera shots.

Finally, if I want to conclude this so I would like to tell this that POCO M2 pro is the better version of redmi note 9 Pro which is already in the Indian market, however, usually is not available in stock.


The phone will be in stock and this phone is better than that one because you are getting better UI you don’t get any ads and also you getting a fast charger so you can go for Poco M2 Pro.

I gave a big thumbs up from my side for this POCO M2 and lets finish this POCO M2 Pro Review.

And now its time for the last thing left.

Price Of Poco M2 Pro

  • The POCO M2 Pro price in India is set at Rs 13,999 (186$) for the base variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.
  • The Redmi Note 9 Pro is available at the same price for the same RAM and storage configuration.
  • Both the phones also come in a 6GB RAM + 128GB variant, priced at Rs 16,999 (226$).
  • However, the POCO M2 Pro has a middle variant with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage, which costs Rs 14,999 (199$).


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