Here we are going to about 10 coolest gadgets you didn’t know existed in 2020. Everyone is fond of cool electronic gadgets and accessories. But buying a good gadget for yourself is sometimes confusing.

Especially when you are trying to buy some essential gadgets. Here we have brought for you a list of some coolest electronic gadgets which will change your daily life experiences.

All these items transform your rooms design and functionality making it a comfortable Haven you’ll never want to leave do you want to deck your room out.

There are the cooolest gadgets of 2020 that can be used in your daily life. so without wasting time let’s start.

10 Coolest Gadgets of 2020 You Didn’t Know Existed

1. Lifesmart LS160 Creative Light-5 Set

Price – 54$

Lifesmart LS160 Creative Light-5 Set best gadget 2020
Lifesmart LS160 Creative Light-5 Set


1st one for gaming if so then you definitely need these light smart light panels it’s very simple to decorate your room in a unique fashion by connecting up to 50 light panels together paired with a special smartphone app.

You can choose from among 16 million colours adjust the backlight mode to your liking activates the dynamic mode that shuffles through random backlights or even syncs the lights to music moreover yes these panels also react to sound creating a magnificent display like this.

Special Feature

There’s even a function that can toggle the lights when the door is open you can control them through the mobile app using touch control and via Google Home or Alexa.

The panels can be arranged on a table or hung up on a wall set of five panels includes connectors a 40 inch long USB cable and a table stand and the best part is the coupon code why FTA gives you eight percent off on this cool quantum light create new shapes over and over again even a Christmas tree by combining eighteen pieces together.

2. MOVA Globe Relief Map Blue 4.5

Price – 160$

MOVA Globe Relief Map Blue 4.5 best 2020 gadgets
MOVA Globe Relief Map Blue 4.5


2nd gadgets is like visualizing your dreams by drawing or making notes and remember that everything is in your hands so even the world mova spinning globe turns peacefully on its own using the room light energy and Earth’s magnetic field forces to simulate two perpetual motion.

No Batteries required

Because The globe doesn’t require any batteries or cords so you can place it wherever you like yep it’ll be difficult to choose among five sizes and 40 designs from world map to famous artworks so you can even collect a set of all planets and create your own universe

that’s why we added it to our 10 coolest gadgets of 2020 list.

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3. Smart Mug (Coolest Gadgets of 2020)

Price – 89$

Smart Mug best gadgets 2020
Smart Mug

Can you imagine your life without hot delicious coffee keep your drink at the exact temperature you prefer with the ember smart mode you can set the needed degree once or you can adjust it via the app as you’re drinking the app remembers the temperature and has several preset options for drinks such as tea coffee and hot chocolate the software also notifies you when your desired warmth of the liquid has been reached smart mug comes with a saucer which is actually the charging device just put the mug on it or take it off for up to 1.5 hour personalise your mug by choosing your favorite light color and enjoy the ideal drink from the first sip.

4. PICO self-watering palm-sized garden

Price – 29$

PICO self-watering palm-sized garden best gadget 2020
PICO self-watering palm-sized garden

If you are going on vacation in a few weeks and there’s no one to look after your flowers don’t worry meet Pico it’s ready to take care of your precious plants.

moreover, Pico radiates all the necessary wavelengths of light to replace the Sun completely and allow you to grow greenery all year round Eko stores water and provides it to plants on-demand through a capillary wick.

The transparent window lets you know when it’s time to top up your personal garden will also grow quicker and healthier due to route oxygenation from below provided by small slits in the soil vessel with its USB ports on both sides you can chain multiple pecos together

build yourself an indoor jungle just connect cables to either side and each pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

5. Spyn Decision Spinning Top (Coolest Gadgets of 2020)

Price – 22$

Spyn Decision Spinning Top best gadget 2020
Spyn Decision Spinning Top

These gadgets were created to bring back a bit of joy to a decision heavy day spen is a family of perfectly weighted versatile decision-making tools the spinning top is made from solid stainless steel

The laser edge graphics are permanent and won’t wear off its smooth pocket-friendly with just the right amount of mass built to last for decades of spends and million decisions combined a whole collection of spins with several variants of answers or make your own spin using the blank version.

6. ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal

Price – 55$

ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal best 2020 gadgets
ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal

Next in line is a totally awesome gadget that’ll help you go into the past its magnetic wax seal Illuma wax seals were traditionally used to authenticate official documents and add a personal touch to your written correspondence.

Illuma is made from solid pieces of aluminum it consists of just two parts the head in the handle the central part ends with a stainless steel ring which gives a practical housing for the strong neodymium magnet inside each climax seal will come with 10x wax pellets one Illuma branded wax pellet is enough to seal a single envelope.

In conclusion You can purchase it if you really love these kind of gadgets.

7. Millclock Nixie Tube Clock

Price – 115$

Millclock Nixie Tube Clock best 2020 gadgets
Millclock Nixie Tube Clock

If you’re a big fan of the loft-style and want to add some authentic notes of mid twenties New York’s life then milk lock is a great addition to your interior just place Nixie tubes on board do simplified programming attach the casing or base of your choice and enjoy your own creation for many years.

The packages include one four and six Nixie tubes using six tubes at the same time you’ll be able to trace hours minutes and seconds vah comes with software and a companion smartphone application that is available for both iOS and Android after setting the time and alarm choose your favorite color backlight and savor the atmosphere.

8. Shelf floor lamp

Price – 44$

Shelf floor lamp best 2020 gadgets
Shelf floor lamp

Shelf for the lamp is a simple way to create a welcoming environment in your room 63-inch tall floor lamp is made of high-quality MDF wood three-level shelves and has enough space for family photos books pottery and other small treasures the frame takes only ten minutes to be assembled so it is worth it.

It also includes a power saving LED light with 20000 our life or about 20 years use the bulb creates a bright warm light but the neutral tone lampshade makes it less harsh which means it’s also perfect for spaces where you want cozy and calming atmosphere.

9. SentrySafe QAP1BE Safe Box

Price – 129$

SentrySafe QAP1BE best 2020 gadgets
SentrySafe QAP1BE

More reliable cool it’s about a safe box of a new generation protect your small values with this home security safe it’s perfect protection from theft or burglary so that’s why its small size makes it easy to conceal under car seats and spare tire wells and other out-of-the-way locations.

Safe box is made of solid steel has a prior instant door and reliable high-strength locking mechanism and the box has a digital keypad for setting your own combination and biometric lock with recognition up to two fingerprints

So It is easy to set price the secret button and swipe a finger across the scanner five to ten times your fingerprint is your security key whatever’s inside it’s safe. so that’s why I like it a lot.

10. Bedside Shelf

Price – 30$

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf - 9 Colors / 4 Sizes - AS SEEN ON Business Insider
BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf – 9 Colors / 4 Sizes – AS SEEN ON Business Insider

Firstly, there is a simple solution how to organize your bedside area and be sure that everything is at hand this cool new bedside shelf will be the perfect way to make your room more compact it clamps onto most standard bed frames easily with a special versatile clamping system

Secondly, That’s why You don’t need any tools this 2.1 inches wide babe holds up to 15 pounds of typical bedside things books phones tablets e-readers coffee cups water remotes small laptops or just your creepy cat who likes to stare at you while you sleep.

10 Coolest Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed | 2020

These were some of the Best 10 Coolest Gadget of 2020. If you want to get a gadgets in this price range Then this list is for you. choose one that exactly fits your budget and need.

1. Lifesmart LS160 Creative Light-5Set54$
2. MOVA Globe Relief Map Blue 4.5160$
3. Smart Mug89$
4. PICO self-watering palm-sized garden29$
5. Spyn Decision Spinning Top22$
6. ALUMA Magnetic Wax Seal55$
7. Millclock Nixie Tube Clock115$
8. Shelf floor lamp44$
9. Safe Box129$
10. Bedside Shelf30$


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